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Daiwa spinning reel Legalis LT 6000D-H

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Daiwa spinning reel Legalis LT 6000D-H


GR- 5.7:1   MD- 12 KG

0.24MM – 300M; 0.22MM – 420M                       

0.28MM – 220M; 30 LBS – 150M

20 LBS – 250M; 14 LBS – 310M

The Legalis series also has been developed according to the new LT concept and offers highest quality standards as well as optimal running at an astonishing price-performance ratio. By reducing the size of the reel body and application of the innovative DS5 carbon fiber composite, Daiwa could accomplish a drastic reduction regarding the weight of the LT reels – thus the Legalis LT 3000D weighs only incredible 215 grams! The newly invented Tough Digigear II with enlarged driving wheel allowed increasing the retrieving power and the durability at the same time. The ATD drag works without delay and releases the selected drag power without starting resistance. The drag power has been further reinforced – the size 3000 offers a maximum drag power of 10kg!
Drag power: 1000/2000: 4.0kg, 2500/3000: 10.0kg, 4000/6000: 12.0kg
Size 6000 is delivered with a power handle knob, which is especially handy at high strains – perfect for light jigging or feeder fishing.