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GE Spinning Fishing Reel

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The GE Spinning Reel provides anglers with precision line control and smooth, quick retrieves. This reel features a lightweight yet durable one-piece graphite frame, eight stainless steel bearings and a quick-hitter drag system for efficient operation. It also comes equipped with an oversized power handle for greater leverage and control. With its high-performance design and long-lasting construction, the GE Spinning Reel is an optimal choice for any fishing enthusiast.

1000- mm/M : 0.15/180; 0.18/160; 0.24/100

3000- mm/M: 0.18/240; 0.20/200;0.34/100

4000-mm/M; 0.20/240; 0.25/200; 0.37/100

5000-mm/M: 0.30/200; 0.35/160; 0.40/100

6000- mm/M; 0.35/200; 0.40/160; 0.50/100