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Lmaide Monofilament Fishing Line 150m

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Line Number
Number  Capacity
#1 2.6 kg
#1.2 3.5 kg
#1.5 4.3 kg
#2.0 4.9 kg
#2.5 5.6 kg
#3.0 6.8 kg
#3.5 7.6 kg
#4.0 8.9 kg
#5.0 13.5 kg
#6.0 15.2 kg
#7.0 17.1 kg
  • ✓ Smooth mono fishing line, long casting, non-failing line, never tangles, resists twists and kinks, smooth, good sensitivity,very little memory that doesn't make a crow’s nest
  • ✓ Prevent failure at the line’s weakest point when you hit a big fish hard, shock absorbent, heavy test fishing line. The stretch keeps hooks firm when fish throw the lures during struggle
  • ✓ Let your preferences be fulfilled from both low- and high-vis fishing lines. Clear fishing lines and Low-Vis Green are always solid choices, while Hi-Vis will always make things easy
  • ✓ Ever got a good fish, and snap goes the line? This bass fishing line has incredible strength, can withstand sudden, aggressive strikes and deliver solid hooksets
  • ✓ Scene-stealing knot tying success on the fishing monofilament line, good for even non-seasoned fishing. Avoid knot breakage or slippage, with superior knot strength. Ideal for going after larger fish